Fluid Exchanges 101

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Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

  • Our technicians connect a machine to the transmission lines and use a safe and effective product to dissolve varnish and debris from the transmission.
  • The proper amount and type of new fluid is then added to the transmission.

Brake Fluid Exchange

  • A technician will insert a test strip into the brake fluid to determine how well the fluid is protecting the brake system. Contaminated fluid can increase the chance of damaging internal brake components such as calipers, wheel cylinders, and the master cylinder. It can also cause the brake lines to fail prematurely.
  • Our brake fluid flush service removes all the old fluid and replaces it with new high temperature brake fluid.

Coolant (Antifreeze) Fluid Exchange

  • A technician will use a swab to check the PH level of the coolant.
  • Our coolant system service cleans and replenishes this vital fluid and protects the internal engine parts from rust and corrosion.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

  • Most power steering systems use a hydraulic system containing fluid. Power steering systems do not contain filters to clean debris. As a result, the fluid can deteriorate over time and can cause power steering noise and damage to the power steering pump components. 
  • Our power steering service will remove all the old fluid from the power steering and replacing it with a new fluid containing special conditioners designed to prevent wear and reduce noise.