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Check Engine Light Diagnostics

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Check Engine Light Diagnostics

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When the engine light illuminates on the dashboard, this is an indication that something has gone wrong with one or more of the systems your vehicle relies on to keep it running properly.

Diagnosing a Check Engine Light

To diagnose why a check engine comes up, a qualified Sullivan Tire and Auto Service technician will connect a scan tool to your vehicles on-board computer system. The on-board computer will communicate to the scan tool in the form of special codes that will help the technician track down the problem.

In most cases, the technician must go through a complicated diagnosis flow chart procedure to not only track down the problem, but to also determine why it happened in the first place so it can be repaired properly and not be a recurring problem for you.

If your check engine light is on, make an appointment at one our locations as soon as possible. We have the tools and experience to diagnose check engine lights on just about every vehicle on the road today, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mini, Lexus, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Kia, and more!

All our services have a warranty and a Nationwide Warranty through the Goodyear Tire & Service Network.

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Investing in our People and State-of-the-Art Equipment

Every vehicle manufacturer has a different scan tool specific for that car’s make. A typical car dealer only has the scan tool for the particular car they sell (Ford for example), which means that is the only vehicle they can diagnose. Sullivan Tire and Auto Service has invested in factory level scan tools for every common vehicle on the road today. So, whether you drive a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mini, Lexus, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Kia, and so on, we have the tools to diagnose the problem.


We have the technicians, knowledge, and experience to fix whatever you drive. Every location is staffed with ASE Certified Technicians, and we have over 100 ASE Master Technicians on staff. They are passionate about their work and committed to getting you back on the road quickly! We know how important your vehicle is to you and your family.


Why Do We Charge for Diagnostics Labor?

VERY IMPORTANT! SIMPLY KNOWING A CODE THAT THE COMPUTER RECORDED FROM YOUR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT DOES NOT DETERMINE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE VEHICLE. There are certainly devices that you can buy to tap into your onboard computer yourself to pull a code, and there are companies advertising that they will pull a code for free. The code alone is simply a reference to the affected system and does not tell you what is exactly wrong with the vehicle. You need a professional and qualified technician to fully diagnose the root of the issue.

What's included in the charge?

  • Services of a highly trained and certified diagnostic technicians to properly evaluate your vehicle 
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including manufacturer specific scan tools
  • Access to factory service information and testing procedures
  • Peace of mind knowing your receiving a thorough and accurate diagnosis
Computer Diagnostics

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Can vary greatly.

            *Time may vary due to the severity of the repair or maintenance. Check with your local Sullivan Tire for a true estimate.

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