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Today's vehicles are equipped with very complicated braking systems. All late model vehicles have computerized anti-lock braking systems that should always be serviced by a qualified experienced technician. 

A proper brake service begins with an inspection of the complete system. Age, mileage, the type of driving you do, and wear and tear on your vehicle all contribute to brake inefficiency. Sullivan Tire and Auto Service‚Äôs ASE Certified Brake Experts will evaluate the entire braking system and will restore your vehicle's system and braking performance to factory specifications. 

The Process

The first step in determining a brake problem is a thorough inspection of the entire brake system by a qualified technician. At Sullivan Tire and Auto Service one of our ASE Certified Technicians will examine all brake system components including:

  • Inspecting and measuring the brake linings
  • Inspecting system components such as rotors/drums, brake lines, brake fluid and master cylinder, calipers, and wheel cylinders
  • Inspecting the anti-lock braking system to make sure it is in working order

After the brake inspection, our service adviser will go over the findings with you. Should your vehicle need brake work done we will provide an estimate on the services and go over all options with you.

Our Certified Technicians use only quality parts and state-of-the-art equipment when servicing your vehicle.  

We can service all brake system components on any make and model of vehicle including:

  • Replacing brake pads and/or shoes
  • Repair or replace disc brake rotors or drums
  • Replace calipers and/or wheel cylinders
  • Replace master cylinder
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Replace steel brake lines
  • Repair computerized anti-lock brake systems

All our services have a warranty and a Nationwide Warranty through the Goodyear Tire & Service Network. Learn more about warranty here

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Estimated Service Time

A typical minor brake service on both front and rear axles will take 2-3 hours.     


*Time may vary due to severity of the repair or maintenance, and manufacturer specs. Check with your local Sullivan Tire and Auto Service for a true estimate.
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