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Tire Repair

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Have a flat tire due to a puncture caused by a nail or another type of debris? Just because you have a flat tire, it doesn't mean you have to buy a new tire! As long as the puncture is located within the tire puncture repair area and measures at or less than 1/4 of an inch in diameter, your tire can most likely be repaired using a combination of a tire repair patch and plug. 

Puncture Repair Area on Tire Tread

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Did you know if you have purchased the Tire Maintenance and Protection Plan with Sullivan Tire & Auto Service you qualify for free flat tire repairs? Be sure to add the Tire Maintenance and Protection Plan at checkout, live chat with us on our website, or ask us about it in a store near you!


Tire Plug vs. Tire Repair Patch and Plug Combo

Safety is our #1 priority at Sullivan Tire and Auto Service which is why we follow the guidelines set by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) and Tire Industry Association (TIA). Both credited organizations agree that a tire plug on its own and installed from the outside into the tire is an unacceptable and unsafe repair. "A plug by itself or a patch by itself is not an acceptable repair because the plug does not permanently seal the innerliner and the patch does not fill the void left by the penetrating object, which allows water to enter the body of the tire and starting corroding the steel belts." To repair a tire, we use a tire repair patch and plug (or stem) combo that's installed from the inside of the tire to the outside. (See photo below.)

Tire repair plug and patch combo 

Tire Repair Step 1: Identify and Assess

Remove the tire from the rim to thoroughly inspect both the inside and outside of the tire.

  • Although a tire may appear to be a simple fix from the outside, the item that punctured your tire could have caused damage to the interior sidewall of the tire. This is why it's necessary to remove the tire from the rim.
Finding a nail in a tire

Tire Repair Step 2: Prepare Repair Area

Once the tire is deemed repairable, remove the item that punctured the tire if necessary, and prepare the inner liner surface with a rubber buffer and/or pre-buffer cleaner. The area is then scraped to remove any type of debris.

Tire repair cleaner and buffer

Tire Repair Step 3: Remove Damaged Cords and Stabilize Area

Using a carbide cutter on a low speed, drill into the puncture area starting from the inside of the tire, at least three times, to remove all the damaged cords and stabilize the area. Repeat this process starting from the outside of the tire, then vacuum any steel shavings or rubber dust left on the inside of the tire.
Carbide Cutter Tool

Tire Repair Step 4: Apply Vulcanizing Cement

Apply vulcanizing cement to the puncture area on the inner liner.
Tech applying vulcanizing glue to tire

Tire Repair Step 5: Install Rubber Plug and Patch Combo

Plugging the hole from the inside out, pull the rubber repair plug (aka stem) end of the patch and plug combo through the puncture area. Cut the excess amount of the plug from the outside of the tire so it's flush with the tire tread.
Tech pulling a tire plug through the tire

Tire Repair Step 6: Stitch the Tire Patch

Using a stitcher tool, press firmly from the middle of the tire repair patch to the outside repeatedly to make sure there is no air trapped between the tire patch and the inner liner of the tire. Remove the plastic from the tire repair patch.
Tech using a stitcher tool

Tire Repair Step 7: Apply Liner Sealer

Apply inner liner sealer to the buffed area around the tire repair patch.
Applying inner liner sealer to tire patch

Tire Repair Step 8: Rebalance and Mount Tire

Mount the tire back on the rim, inflate the proper air pressure, and rebalance the tire wheel assembly. The repair is then checked for air leaks before it is installed back on to your vehicle.


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Tech mounting a tire

Estimated Service Time

A typical tire repair service can take 60-90 minutes.

*Time may vary due to severity of the repair or maintenance, and manufacturer specs. Check your local Sullivan Tire and Auto Service for a true time estimate.

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