Michelin Latitude X-Ice 2

Winter grip for SUVs and light trucks which provide a smooth and confident driving experience

  • Size Select Size
  • Warranty 40K Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tire Type Winter

Performance Rating

  • Dry Traction Rating
  • Wet Traction Rating
  • Snow Traction Rating
  • Ice Traction Rating
  • Ride Comfort Rating
  • Steering Response Rating
  • Fuel Efficiency Rating
  • All-Terrain Rating

Features & Benefits

  • Special winter flex compound
    Grip in the most extreme weather conditions, delivering better starting grip and shorter stopping distances
  • Cross Z-sipes technology uses a specially designed curve that locks the sipes in place
    Provides improved grip on snow and ice
  • Computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing
    Greatly reduced vibrations and road noise
Tire Size Load Range Sidewall Desc. Service Desc.
215/70R16 Standard Load Black Sidewall 100T
225/70R16 Standard Load Black Sidewall 103T
235/55R18 Standard Load Black Sidewall 100T
235/60R17 Standard Load Black Sidewall 102T
235/65R17 Extra Load Black Sidewall 108T
235/70R16 Standard Load Black Sidewall 106T
255/50R19 Extra Load Black Sidewall 107H