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Career Development

Meet members of the Sullivan Tire team and learn how their careers have developed over the years. 

Meet Jon!

Meet ASE World Class Technician Jon Dickerman. Jon has been working for Sullivan Tire and Auto Service since he was 16 years old and is now part of our mobile tech center staff. Our mobile tech staff helps our team of technicians diagnose particularly complicated computer diagnostic repairs.

Learn more about Jon and his experience with Sullivan Tire and the retail division in the attached video.

Meet Tiffany!

Meet our Customer Experience Manager Tiffany Sheehan. Tiffany began her career with Sullivan Tire and Auto Service many years ago and after a short stint outside of the company, she jumped on the chance to come back.

Learn more about Tiffany's story and check out her testimonial video. 

Meet Brian!

Meet Brian Stasiowski, one of our retail store managers. He has been with Sullivan Tire and Auto Service for over 25 years and started out working part-time pumping gas at one of our retail locations. Through training programs and pure hard work from Brian, he has been able to advance his career over the years to store manager. 

Learn more about Brian's testimony and other facts about Sullivan Tire and Auto Service by watching his testimonial video.

Meet Larry!

Meet Larry Farrell, our Wholesale Division Manager. He recently joined the company after working with Goodyear for 21 years as the sales rep for Sullivan Tire and Auto Service. Larry gave up his long time role with a major manufacturer to work for Sullivan Tire and Auto Service because of the family atmosphere that Sullivan Tire and Auto Service has to offer.

Learn more about Larry's story and check out his testimonial video. 

Treat everyone, customers and fellow employees, as you would a member of your family.

Bob "The Chef" Sullivan 
Founder of Sullivan Tire

Sullivan Tire University Logo 

Sullivan Tire and Auto Service was founded by Bob Sullivan, a devoted family man and dedicated business owner, who appreciated the talent and hard work of those around him. Our employees’ contributions are vital to our success and we are committed to developing our employees to their fullest potential. By providing a work environment that promotes growth and development, we know you will find a challenging and rewarding long lasting career at Sullivan Tire and Auto Service.


  • Employees are encouraged to take advantage of numerous online and classroom training's offered through our Sullivan Tire University program.
  • Our training's cover a variety of topics and there is something for everyone!
  • Sullivan Tire and Auto Service has also created several leadership programs where top performers are selected to participate in several modules that will provide the necessary tools and prepare them to take charge of their career and development.


  • Workplace safety is a priority at Sullivan Tire and Auto Service. 
  • We are most concerned with doing the job right and doing it safely so we have developed standard procedures for employees to follow to keep them safe. 
  • Employees working in our Commercial, Distribution, Wholesale, Liftworks, and Retail divisions are required to complete safety training during their first week.


Have career questions? Our HR team has the answers. Please feel free to contact our HR department by phone at (781) 982-1550 or by email at

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