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Car driving on a road

Dec 23, 2021

9 Things You Need to Check on Your Car Before a Road Trip

Make sure your car is road-ready. Here are 9 things you need to check on your car before heading out on a road trip.

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Winter tires driving on a snowy road

Nov 5, 2019

Winter Driving Prep Checklist

Make sure your car is road-ready for the winter and prepared for the messy slush, rain, snow, and ice with Sullivan Tire’s Winter Driving Prep Checklist.

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Digital Parts Image

Aug 29, 2019

10 Basic Preventative Maintenance For Your Car | Sullivan Tire and Auto Service

Although you may get the occasional oil change or maintenance on our vehicles when it's absolutely necessary or in the case of an emergency but to keep your vehicle running smoothly, all types of preventative maintenance should be done on your vehicle regularly.

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man standing over an overheating car

Aug 28, 2019

6 Steps To Take If Your Vehicle Is Overheating

If you're on the road and your vehicle starts to overheat, follow these 6 steps to maintain safety and your car’s components.

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