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Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP Runflat

An ultimate performance runflat tire which offers an impressive combination of performances for many of the world's fastest cars

  • Size Select Size
  • Warranty 20K Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tire Type Summer

Performance Rating

  • Dry Traction Rating
  • Wet Traction Rating
  • Snow Traction Rating
  • Ice Traction Rating
  • Ride Comfort Rating
  • Steering Response Rating
  • Fuel Efficiency Rating
  • All-Terrain Rating

Features & Benefits

  • A variable contact patch puts more rubber on the road during a variety of maneuvers
    Class-leading cornering and consistent straight-line performance
  • Two distinct tread patterns and two specialized tread compounds
    Highest combined wet and dry performance in its class
Tire Size Load Range Sidewall Desc. Service Desc.
225/40R18 Standard Load Black Sidewall 88Y
245/40R18 Standard Load Black Sidewall 93Y
255/35R18 Standard Load Black Sidewall 90Y
275/35R18 Standard Load Black Sidewall 95Y
275/35R18 Light Load Black Sidewall 87Y
325/30R19 Light Load Black Sidewall 94Y