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Find Your Tire Speed Rating

What is a Tire Speed Rating?

A Tire Speed Rating indicates the maximum speed capability or limit at which your tire was designed to perform. Although the speed rating indicated the max speed capability of the tire, this number does not imply that the tires can be driven on safely at it's maximum speed, especially in harsh road conditions.

Where can I find my Tire's Speed Rating?

In most vehicles, a Tire's Speed Rating can be found in:

  • Vehicle's Owner Manual
  • Driver's Side Door Jam
  • Glove Box Door
  • Gas Tank Hatch

You can also possibly find the speed rating of your vehicle on the sidewall of your tire at the end of the tire size. As an example: if your tire size is "225/70R16 91S", the "S" at the end is the speed rating. Speed ratings are rated A-Z. "A" would indicate the lowest speed category where "Z" would indicate the highest speed category.

Tire Size Info

Tire Speed Rating Chart

 Speed SymbolMaximum Speed Vehicle Type 


75 mph Off-Road & Light Truck
 M81 mph Temporary Spare Tire
 N 87 mph 
 P93 mph 
 Q 99 mphStudless & Studdable Winter Tires
 R106 mph H.D. Light Truck Tires 
 S112 mph Family Sedans & Vans
 T118 mph Family Sedans & Vans
 U 124 mph 
 H 130 mph Sport Sedans & Coupes
 V 149 mphSport Sedans, Coupes & Sports Cars
 W 168 mph Exotic Sports Cars
 Y 186 mph Exotic Sports Cars
 Z 149 mph+ 

All speed ratings will exceed the designated road and highway speed limits and the vehicle/tries should never exceed the speed limit indicated by the law.

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