Headlight Restoration 101

Headlight Restoration

Over time 
the clear plastic lens covers for your vehicle headlights may become cloudy. This results in reduced visibility while driving at night. To replace the lens can be a very expensive option. Our expert Headlight Lens Restoration Service will get your headlights looking like new again at a fraction of the cost of replacing the lens.  


All of our Sullivan Tire and Auto Service facilities are staffed by ASE Certified Technicians, and the equipment to restore your headlight lenses.  


Benefits to Headlight Restoration  

  • Better visibility while driving at night 

  • Allows oncoming traffic to see your vehicle faster  

  • Increase in safety 

  • Clear and scratch free lenses  

  • Saves you money by not having to purchase a new headlight lens 


How Often Should I Have my Headlights Lens Restored? 

  • At the first sign of cloudy or tinted headlight lens  

  • If you notice your headlights are not as bright as when new  


Identifying the Problem 

  • Scratched headlight 

  • Lens appears to be clouded 

  • Dim or minimal visibility while driving 

  • Yellowish tint to the lens 

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