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car gas gauge on empty

Aug 28, 2019

Run Out Of Gas

Although you might tell yourself, "I have enough gas to get home" you may find yourself in an unpredictable traffic jam or situation where your vehicle just might not make it home or to the nearest gas station before it runs out of gas. Everyone should be keeping an eye on their fuel gauge to ensure their tank is no less than 1/4 filled but if you find yourself in the scenario where you run out of gas, below are suggestions on what you should do next.

  1. Safely pull your vehicle over to the right shoulder and turn on your hazard lights.
    • If you have a reflective triangle or other emergency equipment, set those up accordingly. 
    • If you are on a busy highway, do your best to safely coast the vehicle to the shoulder. DO NOT exit the vehicle. Call the state police or roadside assistance for help. 
  2. Walk to the Closest Gas Station
    • If you are in a less remote area, it may be an option for you to walk to the nearest gas station to purchase a container of gas. To find the closest gas station, a simple internet search on your smartphone would be the best method. 
  3. Call for Roadside Assistance
    • 24-Hour Service
      • If you are a member of a 24-hour roadside emergency assistance program, contact customer service to coordinate roadside assistance.
    • Phone a Friend
      • If you are not a member of a 24-hour roadside emergency assistance program, contact a friend or family member to take you to the nearest gas station to buy a container of gas or to have them bring you one. 
    • Call a Tow Truck
      •  If you do not have any available friends or family in the area or a 24-hour roadside emergency assistance program, contact a local tow truck to take your vehicle to the closest gas station. 

 *These instructions are suggestions and standard practices for an emergency scenario. Sullivan Tire and Auto Service is not to be held liable or responsible in case of an accident or road emergency.

Keep Your Gas Tank At Least 1/2 Full! Why?

  1. Your fuel pump uses the gas in the tank as a cooling medium and if you're constantly running the tank below 1/2 or 1/4 full, it's overworking the fuel pump and could potentially result in it overheating from working too hard.
  2. Traffic! You never know if you're going to end up in an unexpected traffic jam and could potentially be stuck in traffic long enough to run out of gas.
  3. If you're traveling long distances, you may not know how far away the next gas station is. Don't risk it, fill up!