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May 12, 2023

2023 Champions Fighting Cancer Walk

On May 7th  2023, over 2,000 determined participants including children and seniors, businesses and organizations came together to walk 4.5 miles across Brockton in a passionate and consistent effort in the fight against cancer. Hands were clasped tightly at the starting line at Brockton High School, tears and tight hugs were exchanged in the parking lot as groups reunited for the walk. For some returning participant teams, it had been a year since their group was assembled in person, some faces notably missing, all driven by the common cause to make the annual trip to Brockton for this specific charity event. Some participants expressed that the Champions Fighting Cancer Walk had become a personal annual family tradition.

Team Butterfly Divas, gathered at the Walk finish line taking a cheerful large group photo

23 years ago, the Chrystine Sullivan Memorial Foundation partnered with the Signature-Healthcare Foundation to hold the first Champion's Fighting Cancer Walk in Brockton, Massachusetts. This year's Champions Fighting Cancer Walk has raised over $240k, with this tentative number still climbing as funds continue to pour in from every corner of New England. The event was proudly completely organized and staffed by volunteers. This neighborhood effort reduced administrative costs and allowed for more funding to be directed toward the worthy cause.

It's heartwarming and plain to see that the center of the event remains family, friends, and community after 23 years. The walk's origin can be traced back to a story of love and loss, perseverance and selflessness.Chrystine M. Sullivan was a humanitarian who dedicated her time and resources to bring positivity and aid to terminally ill children and their families. Despite facing her own diagnosis of metastasized breast cancer, Chrystine did not allow the doctor's prediction of a single year left to live stop her from bravely fighting on. Surrounded by her husband, Sullivan Tire founder Bob Sullivan and their five children, young grandson, and close friends, Chrystine reclaimed an additional 5 years before finding peace after a long battle with cancer.

A moving testament to resiliency, her battle inspired her friends and family to continue her legacy. An endowment was established in her name and the Chrystine M. Sullivan Memorial Fund was created the very year Chrystine passed, 1999. With a mission true to the Sullivan family values, the Foundation is dedicated to "providing assistance for treatment and other support services of cancer patients on the South Shore of Massachusetts who could not otherwise afford it. 100% of our fundraising efforts go directly to supporting these causes". These words continue to ring true through the partnership with Signature-Healthcare Foundation to continue the valuable work of fundraising for the fight against cancer each year through the Champions Walk.

large congregation of people at the finish line of the walk at the Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital entrance

At the Walk finish line, Signature Healthcare hosted a fair focused on community health with live music and a family-style BBQ was accompanied with family activities. With smiles and laughter, tears of joy and strength, a community was united. The city of Brockton and the event participants truly exemplified the nickname bestowed upon the area, "city of champions," supported by the Sullivan Tire family and staff, as well as representatives from many Sullivan Tire vendors.

A young child playing at the children's area with bubbles

A child playing basketball with an inflatable bounce house hoop set up.

Sullivan Tire staff showed up and worked together seamlessly with other volunteers and organizations present for the event. Three shuttles were provided to transport Walk participants back to their vehicles after the last mile celebration in an effort to lighten the load after a draining day. We'd like to thank and highlight all the Sullivan Tire staff who donated and volunteered at the 2023 Champions Fighting Cancer Walk, truly leading by example and showing that it will always be the people working beside us, our incredible customers, and our longstanding vendor relationships that make the Sullivan Tire company and community what it is today.

Large group of volunteers gathered in a group photo in front of a balloon arch

For more information on the Chrystine M Sullivan Foundation, please visit Learn more about the Champions Fighting Cancer Walk here.

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