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Corroded Car Battery

Nov 2, 2021

7 Warning Signs You May Need a New Car Battery

Everything electronic in your vehicle relies on a properly functioning charging system. The fluctuating weather temperatures in New England take a toll on your car's battery. Hot summer heats can put a strain on your battery causing failure and the cold temperatures in the winter can cause a weak battery to fail faster than normal. The last thing you want to happen when hopping into your car, trying to turn on your vehicle, and not have it start due to a dead car battery. If your battery is getting older, here are 7 warning signs that your car battery may need to be replaced.

7 Warning Signs You May Need a New Car Battery

  1. When starting your vehicle, you notice the engine cranking slower than normal.
  2. Constant need to jump start your vehicle. 
  3. Extended use of interior lights along with the radio while the engine is not running, can cause the battery to drain.
  4. Rotten egg or sulfur smell can indicate a leaking or overheated battery. 
  5. White/silvery powder like material around the battery post could indicate a problem and the battery should be checked.
  6. If the battery or check engine light comes on, it's time to have the battery and electrical system tested. 
  7. Low battery fluid levels. 

Be Proactive with your New Car Battery

When you have your new car battery installed, be sure to:

  • Keep track of the batteries age. The average life of a car battery is 3-6 years. 
  • Test your car battery periodically. As part of our complimentary Visual Vehicle Check, your car battery will be checked when you have your vehicle serviced at Sullivan Tire and Auto Service.