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Blades mascot posing open armed in front of a Sullivan Tire storefront

May 22, 2023

Boston Bruins Mascot Blades Takes On Beacon St. and Comm Ave.

On Sunday May 20th, Boston Bruins mascot Blades hit the city streets to bring joy to the community and celebrate a historic NHL season!

Blades posing with a sign inside the Sullivan Tire store. The sign reads "Our policy at Sullivan Tire is to treat all customers as if they were members of our own family - Bob Sullivan"

Blades could be seen in front of Sullivan Tire retail stores in Somerville on Beacon Street and on Commonwealth Avenue. The mascot was in fine form, garnering huge smiles, boisterous laughs, and many high fives while delighting children and adults alike. Fans were yelling their support from their passing bicycles, honking their car horns, and stopping for photos with the beloved bear. Even the local BU Graduates couldn't resist stopping for a photo in front of our Commonwealth Avenue location with Blades!

Blades the mascot high fiving a BU graduate walking by the store.

Blades the mascot posing with a BU Graduate in their robe. Blades is wearing their graduation cap.

Congratulations to Boston University Students, Class of 2023!

Although the Bruins' season did not end the way many fans hoped, team spirit was palpable on the streets of Boston!

Blades the mascot greeting a child and their father outside of the Comm Ave Sullivan Tire

Blades giving a big high five to a tall passerby in sunglasses
The Boston Bruins 2022-2023 Season was a rollercoaster ride, with the team becoming the fastest team to 100 points in NHL history and the fastest team to 50 wins in 64 games but closing out the season without the Stanley Cup. The team may not have gone all the way, but they continued to shatter records by also achieving an NHL record for most wins and points in a season with 65 wins and 135 points respectively. As well as maintaining first place in the Atlantic Division from start to finish. It is undeniable the Boston Bruins played with heart all season long.

Blades mirrored that same resilient team heart on Sunday, as even inclement weather could not chase the mascot inside or dim the joy of fans and Sullivan Tire employees!

A man holding an umbrella over Blades as he waves to traffic on a misty afternoon.

Blades the mascot giving a woman a high five in the rain

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins on their historic season, and thank you to Blades and our partners, the Boston Bruins for a fantastic day of mascot fun!

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