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Truck Mechanical Services

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Air Conditioning

There are two common problems that typically arise with air conditioning:

  1. The A/C stops working completely
  2. The air temperature coming from the A/C vents is not as cool as it should be

If you’re experiencing either of these issues, Sullivan Tire Truck Centers can help get your air conditioning back to factory specifications in no time!

A/C System Service Process

Even if your A/C is blowing cool air, we recommend this service be done at least every two years. This service will remove moisture from the system and check for leaks which could cause very costly repairs down the road. Here at Sullivan Tire, our Certified Technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly check the A/C system. We will inject a dye into the system and use a special light to check for leaks in the system. If no leaks are found, we will vacuum moisture and debris from the system and install the proper amount of new refrigerant into the system. Should we find a leak, we will provide you a written estimate on the recommended repairs.

A/C System Repair Process:

If the A/C system stops working completely or begins to blow warmer air than usual, our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect the system and provide a written estimate for any repairs needed. The causes of A/C failure are many; from as simple as a blown fuse to as complicated as a seized A/C compressor. We will diagnose the problem and get you back on the road and staying cool in no time!


Brakes are a safety feature in any vehicle moving down our or roads and highways. They are particularly important in heavy duty trucks!

Sullivan Tire Truck Center’s certified technicians are qualified to inspect and repair brake systems on just about any make of truck. Whether you need a simple brake pad replacement or more in depth anti-lock brake system diagnostic and repair, we can tackle the job.

Our brake services include:

  • Brake System Inspections
  • Brake Lining Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Exchange
  • Brake Line Replacement
  • Brake Caliper Replacement
  • Anti-lock Brake Repair
  • Hydraulic and/or Air Brake System Repairs and more. 

Battery and Electrical

The last thing you need when you’re on the road is a dead battery! Periodic checks of the battery and charging system are essential to keep you on the road.

Our experienced technician will perform a thorough check of your battery and charging system. The charging system takes over once the battery has started the truck. The charging system also maintains a proper charge to the battery so that it has full power when you need it.

Call and make your appointment today to have your battery and charging system tested. 

Filter Replacement

There are many important filters that help maintain your truck’s systems and keep the air fresh within the cabin of the truck.

  • Fuel Filters help prevent contaminants and moisture from making their way into fuel systems lines and fuel injectors.
  • Air Filters prevent dirt and pollutants from entering the engine and combustion chamber which can cause internal damage to the engine. A dirty air filter can restrict air flow into the engine causing performance problems and poor fuel mileage.
  • Cabin Air Filters clean the air entering the truck cabin and keep the environment within the cabin fresh and clean. This is particularly important for those drivers that may have seasonal allergies.

No matter what filters need attention, Sullivan Tire's Truck Centers experienced technicians can help determine when they need to be replaced. 

Fluid Exchanges 

Most manufacturers recommend changing the vital fluids that your truck uses at periodic intervals. Changing fluids is well worth the investment, and can save you money in the long run by preventing more costly repairs and maintaining the life of your vehicle. 

Our Certified Technicians have the knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to handle all your heavy-duty truck maintenance needs. We’ll get you back on the road fast.

Some of the fluid maintenance we perform include:

  • Transmission Fluid: drain and replace the transmission fluid with manufacturer recommended fluids
  • Brake Fluid: Drain and replace the brake fluid with manufacturer recommended fluids
  • Coolant (Antifreeze) Fluid: Drain and replace coolant with manufacturer recommended coolant
  • Power Steering Fluid: Drain and replace power steering fluid with manufacturers recommended power steering fluid
  • Differential Fluid: Drain and replace differential fluid with manufacturer recommended fluid 

Headlight Restoration

Over time the clear plastic lens covers for your truck headlights may become cloudy. This results in reduced visibility while driving at night. Our expert Headlight Lens Restoration Service will get your headlights looking like new again at a fraction of the cost of replacing the lens. To replace the lens can be a very expensive option. 

All of our Sullivan Tire Truck Center facilities are staffed by ASE Certified Technicians, and the equipment to restore your headlight lenses.

We use a special process of cleaning chemicals and very fine sandpaper to get your headlight lenses looking like new again, and allowing you to see more clearly when driving at night. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

Oil Change 

One of the most important things you can do for your truck maintenance is changing the oil. Oil lubricates all the moving parts in the engine and keeps things running smoothly. Contaminated oil can also effect gas mileage and your overall truck performance.

Our experienced technicians can perform this essential preventative maintenance service to give you the peace of mind you need and keep your truck running in any condition.

If you are unsure of the oil change service interval for your specific vehicle, stop by or give us a call. We are happy to look it up for you. 

Wheel Alignments 

Truck tires are expensive. The best way to be certain you are getting the most mileage out of the tires is to have your truck properly aligned.

A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the steering and suspension components of your truck. It is not an adjustment to the tires or wheels themselves. To maximize tread life and ensure that your vehicle tracks straight, a proper alignment is necessary for even tread wear and precise steering. A misaligned truck could also affect your gas mileage. With Sullivan Tire Truck Center state-of-the-art computerized alignment machines, we are able to provide you with a computer printout showing the adjustments that were made to your truck.

We offer on-site alignments as well as a state-of-the-art mobile alignment van. Whether you have one truck or a fleet of trucks, our mobile alignment technician can come right to your yard and perform the service for you.

Truck Alignment