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Yokohama W.drive

A tire that actually adapts to road surfaces and temperatures offering drivers confidence, no matter the weather

  • Size Select Size
  • Warranty Standard Manufacturer Warranty
  • Tire Type Winter

Performance Rating

  • Dry Traction Rating
  • Wet Traction Rating
  • Snow Traction Rating
  • Ice Traction Rating
  • Ride Comfort Rating
  • Steering Response Rating
  • Fuel Efficiency Rating
  • All-Terrain Rating

Features & Benefits

  • Asymmetric tread design
    Outside blocks are rigid for dry cornering, while inside zone designed for effective snow traction
  • Advanced rubber compounds incorporating specialized polymers and micro silica
    Maintains performance levels through high temperature stability and low temperature flexibility
  • Special 3-D zig-zag sipes
    Help maintain block rigidity and create more biting edges for enhanced snow and ice traction
  • High-drainage grooves
    Work in tandem to effectively drain snow, slush, and water
Tire Size Load Range Sidewall Desc. Service Desc.
215/50R17 Extra Load Black Sidewall 95V
225/40R18 Extra Load Black Sidewall 92V
225/50R18 Standard Load Black Sidewall 95V
235/55R18 Standard Load Black Sidewall 100V
235/60R17 Standard Load Black Sidewall 102H
255/40R19 Extra Load Black Sidewall 100V
255/45R18 Standard Load Black Sidewall 103V
255/55R19 Standard Load Black Sidewall 111V