Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season ROF Runflat

A powerful sport performance tire with enhanced responsive handling and strong grip in all-season conditions

$335.00 Per Tire
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  • Size 245/40R19 98V
  • Warranty 50,000 Mile Warranty
  • Season All Season
  • Service Description 98V (XL)
$ 291.00
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Performance Rating

  • Dry Traction Rating
  • Wet Traction Rating
  • Snow Traction Rating
  • Ice Traction Rating
  • Ride Comfort Rating
  • Steering Response Rating
  • Fuel Efficiency Rating
  • All-Terrain Rating

Features & Benefits

  • Steering responsiveness
    Proven tread pattern offers both responsive handling and exceptional all-season grip
  • All-season performance
    An innovative tread compound that delivers outstanding wet and dry performance, with enhanced grip in ice and snow
  • Long lasting tread
    Full-depth sipes help create biting edges for confident grip even as the tire wears
  • Rim protection
    The rim protector helps defend against accidental curb damage
  • Run on flat technology
    RunOnFlat technlology allows for driving up to 50 miles on a deflating or deflated tire at a top speed of 50 mph